Be Open to Learn “How to Buy a Vehicle”

Over the years, I have noticed that there are two areas of life that people just act like they just“know what they are doing.” The ironic thing is that these two areas are also the two largestareas of investment that people make in a lifetime – house buying and car buying.People don’t mind training for […]

Never Negotiate on Payment

The ability to keep the conversation focused on the monthly payment is the salesperson’s most powerful arrow.Although, the monthly payment must suit the budget, negotiating solely on the payment is a reliable way to overspend on a car.Simply put, doing so helps a skilled salesperson to manipulate all of the other numbers in the contract […]

Knowing How to Test Drive the Right Way

Have you ever purchased a dress that looked fantastic in pictures but didn’t fit properly when you put it on? Buying a car is similar, but the stakes are higher because the return policies aren’t nearly as generous. This is why taking a test drive is such a vital part of the car-buying process. A […]

Having A Handle Of Your Credit Score

It’s a good idea to learn about your credit score before you start applying for loans. There are a few advantages to doing so.For starters, it will allow you time to correct any incorrect details on your credit reports that could be affecting your ranking. Second, you’ll be able to search for loans with a […]

Buy A Car Before You Need It

“When should I buy a car?” is a popular question.The most straightforward response is that you can purchase a car before you need one.If you drive your current vehicle until it breaks down or leaves you stranded, you’ll not only have a vehicle with little trade-in value, but you’ll also be forced to buy a […]

Find the Right Vehicle

After you’ve an idea of your budget, you can start looking for vehicles that fit your needs and lifestyle.Consider how many people you’ll be transporting, as well as how much space you’ll need for everyone’s belongings. Consider where you drive, the conditions on the road, and how far you go.If you spend a lot of […]

Know Your Budget

If I have take-home pay of, say, $2,000 a month, how will I pay for current monthly expenses, such as utilities, insurance, food, clothes, credit card payments, rent or loan payments, and other monthly obligations?Is it possible for me to afford a new vehicle including auto insurance, fuel, parking, and maintenance.?That’s a lot to cover in […]